DeLonghi Dehumidifiers Reviewed by FCR

Delonghi dehumidifiersDeLonghi, as an Italian company, is a little bit different from other brands we have showcased and reviewed on our site like or . In addition to features, they are very much involved in the actual design and look of their dehumidifier models (which is kind of normal when you think of their country of origin). In fact, most of the brand’s models look different than other dehumidifiers and somewhat reflect the lines of an Italian sports car. This clearly separates them from the pack since look a bit ugly, and if you desire to have a piece of machinery that can somewhat fit in your overall decor, a DeLonghi product may be a good idea.

But DeLonghi products are not only about looks. They also offer efficiency and economic yet powerful performance. All their dehumidifier models are Energy Star Rated which means they consume as little power as possible to perform their primary functions.

The models are also equipped with various cutting-edge features including 24 hour programmable timer, different fan speed settings, humidity settings through built-in humidistat, built-in drain pump (which is a very important feature for us), LCD displays, water level indicators and low temperature operation. All these features combined make for an efficient and powerful machine that can remove a lot of excess moisture from the air.

One problem with most DeLonghi models is that the fan continues to work even after the compressor is shot down once the desired (or set) humidity level is reached. This, unfortunately, adds to the overall noise level of the machine, and unless you are using it in a remote location like a basement, can be quite disturbing.

About the Company

was founded in Italy as a small workshop in 1902. After incorporating in 1950, the company was manufacturing air conditioners and space heaters (for which the company is still well-known). Later, they started to get involved in different sectors and to produce different products including dehumidifiers.

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