Friedrich Dehumidifier Models

Friedrich DehumidifiersFriedrich Air Conditioning company is known for their air conditioner and dehumidifier models. After its foundation in 1883 by Ed Friedrich as a furniture and fixture manufacturer, the company soon started to involved in the refrigeration industry.

Today, Friedrich offers three types of dehumidifiers: 25, 50 and 70 pint models. We will be touching the general features of their models briefly below, and you can check out our in depth reviews for each models by following the links at the bottom of the page (the reviews section). If you want to see our ratings for the other brands as well, you can visit which includes all top models from all brands.

General Features of Friedrich models

Friedrich’s dehumidifier models are known for their convenience, ease of use and energy efficiency. The brand offers advanced features like ON/OFF timers, continuous drainage option, humidity level settings ranging from 30 to 90% relative humidity, low temperature operation, variable fan speeds, temperature and humidity displays, washable features and top mounted digital controls.

But most importantly, all three models currently marketed by Friedrich come with built-in drain pumps. The built-in pump makes it very convenient and easy to use the device since it completely eliminates the need to empty the bucket multiple times a day or even setting up gravitational drainage (which basically means that you need to connect the unit to a floor drain using a hose and utilize the power of gravity to drain the water it collects throughout its operation). This feature is not offered by some of the models with high ratings like or . In fact, the only other brand that offers built-in pumps at the moment is .

In addition, all three models are Energy Star rated, equipped with rotary compressors and can be plugged into standard 115 volt outlets. They also use the R-410A refrigerant which is known to be very efficient and environmentally friendly.

We will be reviewing all three of the brand’s models on our site. You can already read our detailed review for the 70 pint model, D70BP, with the 50 pint (D50BP) and 25 pint (D25BNP) to be published shortly.

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