Frigidaire Dehumidifiers Ranked and Reviewed by FCR

Frigidaire Dehumidifier ModelsFrigidaire is one of the most reputable appliances manufacturers and their are among the best for home use. Various models introduced by the company over the years offered cutting-edge features that were accepted as industry standards later.

Some of the features you can find in Frigidaire models:

Humidity Control: Almost all Frigidaire models are equipped with advanced humidity control which makes it a breeze to set the humidity level of your living spaces as you want.

Energy Efficiency: Frigidaire’s models are Energy Star certified, which means they offer the highest possible energy efficiency in their class. This is added value since your utility bills will be lower and you’ll be getting more value from your dehumidifier in the long run.

Automatic Shut Off: This is a handy safety feature included in almost all models by the brand which automatically shuts the machine off if the tank is nearly full. This will prevent overfilling and the excess water from flooding your floors.

Full Tank Alert: In addition to the auto shut-off, Frigidaire models are also equipped with a full tank alert feature that warns you when the water bucket needs to be emptied (if you’re not using the continuous drain option).

Continuous Drain: As long as you connect your dehumidifier to a floor drain using a hose, the machine will keep draining the water it collects, effectively working without you ever worrying about emptying the bucket.

Low Temperature Operation: All of the brand’s newer models can work at low temperatures (41°F being the lowest temperature the dehumidifier can work at)

Maximum portability: The brand’s models are equipped with ergonomic side handles and caster wheels that allow maximum portability even if the specific model you purchased and use is heavy.

Other features: Frigidaire models are also equipped with other features including washable filters that help eliminate room odors, airborne particles and bacteria, digital humidity readout and splash guards.

A brief list of Frigidaire’s best-selling models:


Frigidaire essentially offers three segments of dehumidifiers: 30, 50 and 70 pint models (which remove from 30 to 70 pints of water from the air).

30 pint models:

FAD301NWD, CAD301NWD and the newest .

50 pint models:

, CAD504DWD and the new FFAD5033R1.

70 pint models:

, CAD704DWD and .


A little history

The foundation of dates back to 1916; the company was called Guardian Frigerator Company when it was first founded. The name was changed to Frigidaire in 1919. The company has been the Home Environment Division of General Motor until 1979. After being owned by White Sewing Machine Company for 7 years, the company was acquired by Electrolux in 1986. Today, Frigidaire is still a subsidiary of Electrolux.

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