Honeywell Dehumidifiers

Honeywell DehumidifiersHoneywell is mostly specialized in ducted models that serve as whole house dehumidifiers, but they also have a few portable models that attract attention from homeowners. Although we will review some of the whole house models in our site, we will be more focused on the brand’s portable models that have a wider usage, especially considering the fact that most homeowners prefer these models over bulkier and more expensive models.

As you can see below on our reviews section, we are offering in depth reviews for the brand’s portable models, but for the sake of convenience for our readers who need whole house models and do not want to wait until we thoroughly review these models, we provided brief reviews for their three whole-house models below. You can find more information about these products by following the links in the reviews.

Honeywell’s Whole House Dehumidifier Models:

TrueDRY™ DR120

TrueDry DR120

The biggest model in the company’s TrueDRY series, this machine offers up to 120 pints of moisture removal per day. Since it drains the water automatically without user intervention, the maintenance needs are minimal, which you can pretty much set it and forget it as it quietly removes moisture from your home. What’s best is that the DR120 can also be focused on certain areas of your home if you have specific places that are more humid than others.

TrueDRY™ DR90

TrueDry DR90

This is the little brother of DR120, and offers the exact same functionality; the only difference is that this model has a 90 pint capacity. This model is the most preferred models among the three as it offers the highest return on investment (unless you live in a very humid area and really need those 120 pints on a daily basis).

TrueDRY™ DR65

TrueDry DR65

This is the smallest model of all three and actually has a lower capacity than some portable dehumidifiers that offer 70 pints of capacity like or Honeywell DH70W. But, if you want a machine that stays out of sight while removing the moisture, you may prefer this model over those.

One important note: Honeywell’s whole house models require professional installation to avoid rendering the warranty void, so please keep that in mind and make your initial investment calculations accordingly. Although these machines can provide savings in the long run, the initial cost may be higher than most people would like. If that is the case, you can head out to our to look for highest rated, more affordable portable dehumidifier models.


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