Soleus Air Dehumidifiers

Soleus Air DehumidifierSoleus offers numerous dehumidifiers with 30, 45, 70 and 95 pint dehumidifying capacity. The brand’s products, although reasonably priced and capable of doing the job, do not receive very high ratings from users and review sites like ours.

Most of the problems with their products seem to be the lack of attention to detail like the lack of water bucket handles which make carrying and emptying full buckets really awkward, and the low quality of materials used (like in the caster wheels). These problems reduce the longevity of the products in general, leading us to believe that your money would be better spent on higher quality products like those offered by , or .

What’s more, the company (which was merged with a Chinese manufacturer called Gree), had to recall numerous models in 2013 due to fire hazards. While it was true that there were models from other brands like Danby and Frigidaire in the recall (which were also produced by Gree at the time), the highest number of products recalled belonged to Soleus Air. Afterwards, the list of products was further extended with four additional Soleus Air products in October 2013 with new incidents reported.

And although the brand’s newer models were not subject to such recalls or extensive incidents, we believe that it would be prudent to approach them with caution. With that said, we will be reviewing a few Soleus Air products fairly, but we will also be keeping an eye out for such incidents and will promptly update our ratings/warnings if such incidents occur.

Our Soleus Air Dehumidifier Reviews